It was the worst of times, it was the worst of times – and then it was 2018!

Christina Cullen, January 9, 2018, IFC

Populism was so last year, but this year we will pull our little socks up and all work together – won’t we? Indeed, we will build a bridge over the channel. Yes, a real one (probably designed by Thomas Heatherwick) not a metaphorical one and we will not burn it – will we? Then as the year gets going we will also build a modern circular Houses of Parliament without the built-in confrontation – why not?

So, that’s two capital appeals for the International Fundraising Consultancy and a bit of wishful thinking. And back to the real world – next year:

  1. Fundraisers will be back in the firing line

Unfortunately, populism may be even more entrenched and the sneeries may continue to attack us ‘do gooders’, with attacks on overseas charities (charity begins at home), charity executives (they haven’t earned it like er, car manufacturers, lawyers and bankers) and especially on fundraisers who shouldn’t exist, period. Yes, 2018 will be open season on fundraisers all over again, and the consequence will be less money raised for those in need and maybe even more agencies going down.

I have a feeling that the Daily Mail hate-news type of populism will deepen (in intensity not numbers) and shred support for many charities that rely on a mass of small donations. Leaving the Guardian-reading end of the market to keep them going, even as their income sinks under inflation and stagnant wages. The embitterment as Brexit fails to deliver its outrageous promises will be a sight to behold.

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