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We are all about you! Wikifund is the sum of its parts and welcomes contributions from experts, informers and game changers.
Wikifund is your opportunity to share with your professional peers what you know. Are you interested in being an inspiration to others?


At Wikifund we want to encourage everyone to contribute through your blogs, opinions, insight and events. Therefore, you can apply to be a Wikifund Contributor for FREE by simply clicking HERE! Once you have submitted the form you will have access to upload your blog and have a listing in the Directory. You can also send us details of any events you are organising or attending and we will upload them onto our calendar, giving you additional exposure. By having your event in the agenda, a listing in the directory and your blog published, you will gain exposure as a leader in the field of fundraising to peers throughout the world.


Similar to a contributor we want to invite you to contribute to the blog and events. We will also list you in the Directory with an introduction about you and your organisation. To sign up to be a Supporter click HERE!

Premium Supporter

By being a Premium Supporter you have all of the benefits of a supporter but with the added bonus of having your logo prominently displayed in the directory next to your listing and introduction. To be a Premium Supporter, click HERE!

Gold Founder

A Gold Founder takes being a premium supporter to the next level as not only will you have access to publishing your blog, promoting your events but you will also be able to have a listing in the directory with a link to your website as well as your contact details, opportunity to publish a testimonial and have your logo prominently displayed. To be a Gold Founder, click HERE!

Wikifund Inspirer

As a stand out member of the fundraising community, a Wikifund Inspirer will be have access to publishing a sponsored post in a prominent place on the Wikifund website 3 times a year. This is in addition to having access to publishing your blog, listing events in the agenda and a listing in the Directory with full information, a link and a logo to your website. Click HERE to be a Wikifund Inspirer!

Gold Partner

Focusing on partners who produce, host or attend multiple event, a Wikifund Gold Partner will have their events or events where they are participating featured in the events calendar. As well as the details of the event, the Gold Partner can have a link to the event and if appropriate, their specific area of participation (i.e their keynote speech, and exhibition stand, or specific event promotion). This is accompanied with the opportunity to publish blog posts, have 3 sponsored posts a year, a full directory listing including logo and link. Click HERE to become a Gold Partner.

Platinum Partner

The Wikifund Platinum partner, is the most prominent collaborator on the Wikifund website. As well as having the opportunity to take advantage of publishing blogs, having a full listing on the Wikifund Directory and a sponsored post 4 times a year, the Platinum Partner gives you the opportunity to have your case studies featured 4 times a year, your job vacancies promoted AND have the opportunity to showcase your presentations and your Webinars featured for the entire year. This is truly your opportunity to showcase you and your organisation to fundraisers internationally. To become a Platinum Partner click HERE!

View the Sponsorship Breakdown HERE or fill in the CONTACT FORM if you want more information about our sponsorship options!