International Fundraising Consultancy
International Fundraising Consultancy
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We are the International Fundraising Consultancy. Our expert fundraising consultants work with charities and NGOs around the world to improve their performance, so they can make a bigger difference. Whether you need a fundraising consultant or a whole team we can help.

The Fundraising Detective

My name is Craig and I've been fundraising since 2000, blogging since 2006, running my own consultancy since 2015 and had my first fundraising book published in 2017.

I help charities raise more money through improving their supporter experience, helping them implement relationship fundraising and developing effective appeals and campaigns.

I've always made it my mission to be the best-read fundraiser I can be and I love using that knowledge and learning to help others. I always try to listen to your needs before offering any advice (and not offer pre-defined solutions as can often be the case), and myself and my colleagues are happy to do the implementation as well.

Purposeful Fundraising

We are your fundraising strategy experts.

We work with organizations to increase their fundraising capacity,
connect deeply with their supporters, and become more sustainable.

As a result, our clients are changing the world.


We're Insight-ful and we're here to help youanswer questions about your customers, supporters and audience.
If you knew who your customers and audience really were, how would that change your marketing? We can help you really understand your customer.
​We are a bunch of creative data geeks, market researchers, copywriters, analysts, marketing strategists and product development gurus.
If you're looking to develop a new product, analyse your data, or come up with a new marketing strategy, we're for you.