Here you can find case studies and examples of some of IFC’s projects and campaigns

Action for Children (UK) – Jonathan Cook

Jonathan  led a project to define the target audience of the £15m rebrand of NAction_for_Children_logoCH to Action for Children, ensuring the target audience was highly likely to support a children’s charity and support it financially. The project involved interviews and research into the charity’s donor and supporter base as well as research into new audiences not currently supporting the charity. This involved focus groups, in depth interviews as well as statistical and demographic analysis of supporters to identify the key groups likely to support Action for Children.

Amnesty International (UK) – Norma Johnston

As the organisation’s first ever Communications Director, Norma devised and led its first campaign aimed at raising awareness of the organisation and its wodownloadrk. Research had shown Amnesty’s work was immediately recognisable, but that there was a general lack of understanding of the range of the organisation’s human rights work.  Branding was created to support the campaign and its development involved close liaison with Amnesty International UK fundraisers and Norma developed communications strategies in support of Human Rights Day, World AIDS Day and a range of high profile initiatives to publicise Amnesty reports on individual countries and campaigns such as the Stop Torture campaign.

Appsterdam (UK/ Netherlands) – Bill King & Helen Maynard-Hill

Bill King anlogod Helen Maynard–Hill worked with Appsterdam, a group of digital social entrepreneurs to help them understand the fundraising process and landscape. This was delivered in the form of a workshop covering Membership schemes, Major Donors and Corporate Fundraising. It also covered supporting them with building their strategy and expressing the fundraising proposition.

Black Cultural Archives (UK) – John Baguley, Bill King & Sarah Gray

John BaguH1lZMkGUley initially advised BCA on the strategy and approach for a £5 million capital appeal. This funding was secured from the Heritage Lottery Fund and various other Trust funders. Subsequently, John, Bill King and Sarah Gray have been working with the organisation to increase their revenue income from Major Donors, Trusts and Corporate sources.

Chetham’s School of Music (UK) – Bill King

Bill King led the Fundraising for a £30 million plus campaign to create a new hodownloadme for the world famous institution. This included managing all aspects of the campaign, covering Major Donors, Trusts and Foundations, Corporate supporters and smaller scale individual donors.

Endowment Fund for Inner-city Schools (USA) – Linda Spencer

Linda Spencer provided advice and support for a campaign to raise $50 million for an endowment initiative to benefit 199 inner-city Schools. This involved establishing strategy and recruiting a high-profile board of Directors to enable fundraising from wealthy individuals and Foundations.  Linda Spencer designed, implemented and led the campaign, working with high level industry executives to raise approximately $50 million from individuals, corporation and foundations.

Fondazione Marcegaglia  (Italy) – Francesca Mineo

Francesca Mineo was retained by this client to define, from scratch, their strategy for fundraising from Corporate and Major Donors. The organisation had no dedicated departments for fundlogo_fondazione_marcegaglia 2014raising or communications. As part of this process, Francesca created a Communications strategy for the organisation, aimed at increasing their profile to the target audience. Francesca  created a fundraising strategy including an Annual Plan covering Major Donor and Corporate events. She created a model for then to use when approaching corporates and provided web content management for their website.

Funeral Coop of Ottowa (Canada) – Mena Gainpaulsingh

Mena Gainpaulsingh was invited to develop a plan for a membership communications campaign, which quickly morphed into an overall customer engagement strategy, including reviewing the organization`s vision, mission, brand messaging, brand proposition, determining who FCOtheir audience should be and how to communicate with them. To date we have delivered a strategic marketing planning day and are continuing to work on and deliver that strategy. During the planning day, Mena worked on developing Target Market Profiles (primary & secondary/influencers), including determining what matters to them, what products they are likely to buy, how best to communicate with them, the most likely demographic (ie white older female, Francophone, working in education etc), their likely habits (ie likely to be interested in arts and culture and community life) etc.
We then used audience analysis to compare with data from Quebec, and to determine how the Ottawa audience might differ.

International Whaling Commission- IWC (UK) – Bill King

IWC is an Inter-Governmental Organisation with a membership of 89 Contracting Governments. It is administered by a permanent Secretariat based near Cambridge in the UK. Bill King and John Baguley worked with the IWC Intersessional Correspondence header_IWC2012Group of Strengthening Finance to identify external funding sources, and determine strategy to maximise income from these sources, to support the work of the IWC’s Conservation Committee. Our findings and recommendations are currently being considered by the Correspondence group, with a view to presenting to the full IWC for ratification.

New York City Center for Charter School Excellence (USA) – Linda Spencer

Linda Spencer developed a comprehensive development programme for Charter Schools in New York. These are primary or secondary schools receiving public money, but operating independently. The programme involved a series of workshops and direct coaching over alogo (2)n 8 month period to increase the ability of school staff to fundraise. More than 90% of participating schools found the activities helpful and the programme exceeded its goal of raising more than $10 million.

Royal Free Hospital Charity (UK) – John Baguley & Bill King

John Baguley has worked with staff and volunteers of the Royal Free Hospital Charity over the past 2 years, to support them with running a £25 million Capital Appeal. This has focused on building thelogo-rfcharityir skills in Major Donor Fundraising, but also covered other aspects of fundraising. In support of the Royal Free’s major (£25 million) Capital Appeal, John Baguley and Bill King worked together to produce the language for an Appeal Brochure, which could be used to persuade wealthy individuals to show their support. This brochure was then professionally designed by Piers and Dominic Rutterford, to produce a high quality final version, first used at a reception hosted by HRH the Duke of York.

Starlight Children’s Foundation (Canada) – Mena Gainpaulsingh

Mena Gainpaulsingh developed an outline communications SCF-Primary-Landscape-Logo-RGB.jpgand fundraising strategy for a $10m national campaign in Canada.  This involved setting up a series of capital campaigns across the country to build “Starlight Rooms” in hospitals and would involve all the branding and communications for a national campaign.

The International Student Identity Card (UK) – Helen Maynard-Hill

ISIC is a not for profit organisation which brings together world-leading specialists in student and youth travel services. Helen Maynard-Hill oversaw the communications strategies for ISIC’s forty-two international offices, which involved advising international offices on marketing, PR, project management, communication campaigns and budgets to create an integrated international communications strategy across all territories.  It also involved working with high profile corporate clients to integrate within the overall project and co-operate with numerous international offices, contributing to the whole overall campaign and advising international offices on strategic marketing to capitalise on multi media as well as making the most of ISIC’s high profile unique benefits and brand.

UNICEF Italy (UK/Italy) – Francesca Mineo & John Baguley

The work on Corporate Strategy was undertaken by Francesca Mineo, and managed by John Baguley. IFC worked for Idalina Cappe de Baillon, Market Research Manager, Market Knowledge – PFP, UNICEF Geneva. The work involved researching Corporate Social Responsibility in Iunicef-logo1_5taly, and developing an improved strategy for UNICEF Italy. IFC researched current best practice in Italy, benchmarked UNICEF Italy against its competitors and considered future trends in the preparation of the strategy which was presented to PFP, UNICEF Geneva. Francesca Mineo and Elena Sisti carried out prospect research into Italian companies who were committed to CSR and who may be receptive to a partnership with UNICEF. This resulted in 150 companies being identified, and 50 profiled in depth.

World Health Organization (UK) – John Baguley & Norma Johnston

John and Norma worked for Dr Elil Renganathan, Director, Planning, Resource Coordination and Performance Monitoring, General whoManagement Cluster, World Health Organization in Geneva, drafting the WHO Resource Mobilization and Communication Strategy. This was undertaken with John Baguley working on the Fundraising aspects  and Norma working on the communications aspects.The initial draft was presented and discussed at a meeting of the Global Resource Mobilization Team in Geneva and subsequently modified and incorporated into WHO’s strategic planning.

World Health Organization, Social Mobilization Teams (UK) – Norma Johnston

Norma Johnston was part of a global team who worked together creating communications and behavioural objectives and messaging around outbreaks of avian influenza.  Norma later facilitated an inter-agency meeting over three days between WHO, UNICEF and FAO to align messaging at global and regional levels, thus allowing country level communicators to implement the strategy in support of their market requirements.

Aiutiamoli Association (Italy) – Francesca Mineo & Davide Rossi

Francesca Mineo and Davide Rossi were charged with cLogo-del-“Gruppo”-Aiutiamoli-in-my-opinionreating a new brand for this established, mental health organisation with a strong connection with the local area (Milan and Lombardia). The work included: Definition of new brand image; logo, institutional communication, issues; Branding campaign; visual& web communication, radio commercial; New website and web content management; Organisation of the events in occasion of 20th anniversary of the association.

Amnesty International (UK) – John Baguley

John Baguley conducted a review of Amnesty International’s Bookshops, which has included an analysis of their competitors in the market, including Waterstones, Oxfam and independent retailers, as well as benchmarking against these organisations. The report also made recommendations for how Amnesty should take the bookshops forward to grow their income.

Asthma UK (UK) – Piers & Dominic Rutterford

Piers and Dominic Rutterford designed and produced posters, banners, fliers and advertisements for a number of events, including fun rundCbrKnJi_400x400s, 10Ks, half marathons, cycling events, gala evenings, carol concerts. These projects usually have small budgets and tight deadlines. The key is to sell the event, create a call to action and remain on-brand. Where possible we create a mini-campaign around the event that can migrate easily across a number of pieces of collateral.

BRAC UK (UK) – Bill King

BRAC is recognised as the largest international development organisation in the world. Based in Bangladesh, it founded a UK branch several years ago with a remit to raise funds for its expanding work, plogo_brac_header_02articularly in Africa. BRAC UK has succeeded in raising large amounts from government sources, but asked for help from IFC to increase its private sector funding. Bill King worked with staff and trustees of BRAC via a series of workshops focusing on Major Donors, Corporate and Trust fundraising, to help them understand the sector and develop their skills in these specific areas. He also helped then define their overall Fundraising Strategy.

CIAI SMS Campaign (Italy) – Francesca Mineo

Francesca Mineo was responsible for defining the communications strategy to maximise the return on investment of a SMS fuimagesndraising campaign. There was a very small budget from the client and insufficient time to organise a full media campaign. With the participation of a high profile patron, a campaign was launched with a simple, direct message, using both traditional media (TV and radio commercials) and the social networks of influencers such as actors, journalists etc. The target of €150,000 euros was significantly surpassed.

Family Lives (UK) – Piers & Dominic Rutterford

Piers and Dominic Rutterford were commissioned to create a new brand to reposition the charity as the main organisation for family support, accessible to all family members. The Brand needed to reflect the charity as the key commentator on family affairs and as a collaborator with other relevant agenlogocies. It also needed to allude to being totally inclusive, totally accessible, offering a familiar, safe space for non-judgemental advice. It had to feel fresh and modern to signal its forward thinking approach, dealing with the modern family and their issues. The client said: “Working with Piers & Dominic has been an absolute pleasure. They took our organisation through a consultation process on brand and had unanimity from trustees down to our users. We’re very proud of what we do so wouldn’t entrust our identity to anyone lightly, we’re delighted with how Piers and Dominic have represented us, and are looking forward to working with them again in the future.” Jeremy Todd, CEO.

Freedom from Torture (UK) – Piers & Dominic Rutterford

Piers and Dologo (1)minic Rutterford have produced material including Posters, programmes, fliers and invitations for comedy events, auctions, film previews and treks. Piers and Dominic have also produced specific Direct Mail packages for the charity. They also created Case for Support brochures, aimed at wealthy individuals, for their Under One Roof campaign.

Help Age Canada (Canada) – Mena Gainpaulsingh

As part of a fundraising audit, Mena  worked with the staff and the board to review their vision and mission statements, future direction in terms of activity (both national and international development work) and how they logoenwere planning to present their work with potential funders. The organization is now working with us to determine their unique brand proposition and case for support, including framing the various projects in a compelling way with a view to attracting funding from a wide range of sources and increasing their individual giving.

Joseph Rowntree Foundation (UK) – Christina Cullen

Christina Cullen worked with JRF on a number of politically sensitive issuJRF-logoes, including a report on modern slavery. She developed and delivered the communications strategy, ranging from the report launch to the overall media strategy. As part of this, she developed the key messages, soundbites and quotes for the organisation’s senior spokespeople. She also had the responsibility of writing the news release, pitching to the media and dealing with the resulting media enquiries.

Reporters Sans Frontiers (Italy) – Francesca Mineo

Francesca Mineo organised and managed a campaign around a web & graphic download (1)design contest for young designer, in order to create a new logo & brand for the organisation, on the issue “Censored Press & Press Freedom around the world.” The campaign included events, exhibitions, seminars with university students and various media relations activities.

Solidarite Femmes (Switzerland) – Philippa Langrish

Philippa Langrish worked with Solidarite Femmes to recruit new corporate donors and upgrade existing ones. New lists were researched and created of corporates who have a strong link to the work of Solidarite Femmes and were therefologo (3)re more likely to become corporate partners with the NGO.  All existing corporate donors were reviewed and offered an upgrade package. Philippa Langrish worked with Solidarite Femmes to recruit new corporate donors and upgrade existing ones. New lists were researched and created of corporates who have a strong link to the work of Solidarite Femmes and were therefore more likely to become corporate partners with the NGO.  All existing corporate donors were reviewed and offered an upgrade package.

Thailand Burma Border Consortium- TBBC (UK) – Bill King

TBBC is a non-profit, non-governmental humanitarian relief and development agency providing food, shelter, livelihoods and camp management support to around 140,000 Burmese refugees in 9 camps along the Thailand/ Burma border. TBBC also conducts research and documentation on displacement in eastern Burma, providing support to up to 100,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs) annually. In 2012, Bill King was retained by TBBC to carry out a review of their organisation and recommend a strategy for Private Sector Fundraising. This involved time spent in Thailand working with staff, and holding discussions with trustees and supporters. The resulting strategy covered individuals, corporate, high net worth individuals and foundations, and  gave the organisatiotbbc-logon a clear way forward to increase their private sector income over a 3- year period. as TBBC is supported by 11 national governments and has member organisations in 10 countries around the world – including USA, Australia and Netherlands, it took a broad approach covering potential sources of funds around the world. Bill King carried out market research into the key territories from which the organisation currently drew support, specifically: Thailand, UK, USA, Sweden, Netherlands, Australia and Canada. This research allowed him to recommend the most appropriate approaches for TBBC to take and the territories in which it should focus its efforts.

The Rainforest Alliance (UK) – Christina Cullen

Christina Cullen manages the Media / PR programme for the Rainforest Alliance, thrainforest-alliance-certified-seal-lg.pngis includes all the UK social media functions, from Twitter, Facebook and the UK blog. This year sees the third annual “Follow the Frog” Week campaign, which is a social media campaign aimed at encouraging consumers to make the ethical choice. Christian has been instrumental in developing the objectives, outputs, key messages and implementation of the strategy.  Last year, she successfully engaged with Stephen Fry and Leonardo Di Caprio on Twitter as part of the campaign, which enabled them to reach out to millions of people.

Wellcome Collection (UK) – Piers & Dominic Rutterford

Piers and Dominic Rutterford were commissioned to review the existing brand, review the brand hierarchy, reposition Wellcome Collection and develop a wellcome-collection-logobrand visual identity toolkit. The client said this: “The new Wellcome Collection brand is proving a joy to work with and the collateral that’s being rolled out looks fantastic. Piers and Dominic have done an amazing job and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.” Sam Hill, Brand Manager.

World Health Organization Neglected Tropical Disease Unit (UK) – Norma Johnston

As part of a regional effort to change perceptions and behaviours around the transmission of Guinea Worm Disease, Norma Johnston worked in both countries on a consultancy basis to assess the communications needs to bring about behavioural change, devised national strategies for each country in liaison with WHO in-country staff and other agencies.  She created implementation plans and in Nigeria recruited her successor to deliver the campaign.

Wouter Bos Election Campaign (Netherlands) – Wouter Glaser

Wouter Glaser advised the frontrunner and then vice prime minister WouteBos_Dutch_politician_kabinet_Balkenende_IVr Bos to create a profile at social network Hyves (7 million Dutch members). Bos was the first Dutch candidate ever to use a social network as a campaign tool. Both media and voters were very pleased with this step. Almost 60% of the other politicians followed, including the prime minister. Bos is still active on social network Hyves: