Improve Fundraising Events With Donor Plants

When I use the word “plants”, I do not mean the green ones. Is that what you were thinking, silly? No, I mean DONOR PLANTS, the people that you ask in advance to jump up at your gala’s live auction, raise their hand high, and start (or advance) the bidding. That’s a donor plant. Plants are essential to create […]


LM & Associates is proud to announce a strategic partnership with International Fundraising Consultancy with the purpose of expanding fundraising consulting services in Latin America, the Caribbean, and the Hispanic based non-for-profit sector of the Americas. This alliance will enable both entities to expand their outreach and provide a wider variety of services to clients […]

6 Things to do to Keep Your Capital Appeal Afloat

Sometimes an appeal grinds to a halt before the target is reached. There are no more grant-making organisations to apply to, the last of your cultivated major donors has given and the public has ceased to respond. This can often be predicted if you keep a wall chart marked off in monthly segments with the […]

Seeking New Funders? Why Not Ask Your Current Funders?

Raising money by soliciting private and corporate foundation grants is a volume business.  Since at best you might get one grant for every five submissions (20%), the search for funders closely aligned with the values and mission of your agency is never-ending. You don’t want to waste time tossing proposals around willy-nilly, but with value-aligned prospects the […]

Three Must Dos At This Year’s Fundraising Convention

With only a couple of weeks to go until next month’s Fundraising Convention, here are three things you MUST DO whilst you’re there… Don’t miss IFC CEO, Bill King’s session: In it for the long term. Finding donors is hard; keeping them is even harder, but the benefits of a pool of committed major donors […]

New Course in Peru: How to Develop an In-house Fundraising Department

IFC Peru is excited to announce its next fundraising course: How to develop an in-house fundraising department.   This full day course will take place on Saturday 7 July 2018 in Comunal Recavarren, Calla Recavarren 111 piso 7 Miraflores, 15048 Lima, Peru, and will be led by Daniel Paredes, former CEO of CREA+. The course will […]

Rich List Blues

Hi Alexa – Why do I always forget to buy the Times Rich List? That’s because you read the Guardian, John. Do you want me to remind you? – Thanks Alexa, that would be great. Can I help you with anything else, John?   Yes, whilst we are having this conversation, how come my major donors […]

Fundraising Reading Round-Up – 100% GDPR free!

It’s time for another round-up of articles that caught my eye in May – with apologies for any great content in March and April that I missed. Anyone interested in legacy fundraising should read the new Legacy Voice review ‘Everything we know about legacy fundraising 2018’. Authored by Adrian Sargeant and Claire Routley, it is packed full of insight and ideas. The Justgiving blog has some great examples of small charities ‘smashing it’ at digital. The latest Rogare report is on an important subject. How ought beneficiary stories be told? This is the first in a series of six and…

June’s First Friday: Amsterdam

It’s all about international fundraising at the next First Friday fundraising advice session in Amsterdam on 1 June 2018. Find out more from our IFC Latin America and Netherlands Directors: The session will take place at 10am on Friday 1st June, followed by a networking lunch at The Thinking Hut, Mauritskade 55C, 1092 AD Amsterdam. Book […]

Fundraising Instinct

“She has good instincts.” So said the trustee referring to one of LAPA’s major gift consultants. What did he mean? I’ve heard this phrase often regarding fundraisers and other professionals, and have used it myself. Derek Jeter was said to have good baseball instincts. “Good instincts usually tell you what to do before your head […]

Is a Fundraising Plan Part of a Strategic Plan?

As fundraisers, we are asked many questions, particularly when it comes to strategic planning. Here, IFC US Director, Laurence Pagnoni answers a question that crops up regularly… Is a fundraising plan part of a strategic plan? If so, why is it important? Isn’t a strategic plan focused on what we will do to fulfill our […]

Planned Giving, Part Three

This is the third and concluding installment of questions and answers about planned giving, one of the most neglected areas of fundraising and also one of the most lucrative. All of these questions have arisen in real conversations over the years.  I hope my answers will help you navigate this important field. Do you have […]

Inside Planned Giving, Part Two

This is the second installment of questions and answers about planned giving, one of the most neglected areas of fundraising and also one of the most lucrative. All of these questions have arisen in real conversations over the years. I hope my answers will help you navigate this important field. Do you see differences in nonprofit […]

What I Am Thinking About When I Am Thinking About Fundraising

Fundraising is not just selling something, it is changing the world for the better and a critical activity in scaling up civil society to deal with the problems that business and government cannot, or will not, solve or in many cases actually cause, whether by intent or negligence. One of IFC’s clients is the White […]

Inside Planned Giving – Part One

One of the most neglected areas of fundraising can also be one of the most lucrative: planned giving. Too often, busy development executives simply hope that major donors will leave a bequest—or they overlook estate planning altogether. Yet planned giving is tremendously important, so much so that I constantly receive questions about the subject. What follows […]

GDPR Keeps Me Awake At Night

On 25 May 2018 the law known as GDPR i.e. General Data Protection becomes a reality and we had better be prepared. On one hand it is the law and we should read it carefully and obey. On the other it may be going too far in restricting civil society from raising the funds it […]

Helping the Heroes Help Themselves

Syrian volunteers welcome a long-term fundraising plan to ensure that their work saving tens of thousands of lives in Syria can continue…   It’s Monday lunchtime and I sit waiting for a plane to take me from Adana to Istanbul. I have never been this close the Middle East. The Syrian border is just two […]

Fundraising Reading Round-Up

I’m delighted to announce that I’m launching the UK’s first Individual Giving Mastery course. Working in partnership with Rob Woods from Bright Spot Fundraising, we’ll be taking the winning formula from his major donor and corporate courses and applying it to individual giving. This is the course I wish I’d done when I was first head of individual giving and it comes with a money-back guarantee. The waiting list is now open and you can find out more on this information page. If it’s not suitable for you, then I’d be grateful if you could pass on the info on…

IFC Shortlisted for Better Society 2018 Award

IFC has once again been shortlisted for a Better Society Award in the Best Consultancy category. Now into its 4th year, the Better Society Awards celebrate the efforts that commercial companies make in order to help create a better society. IFC has been shortlisted for the Best Consultancy category. IFC is an award-winning consultancy with offices in 12 […]

What Do Fundraisers Do? (And Why it Matters)

Having worked as a professional fundraiser for more than two decades,  IFC USA Director, Laurence Pagnoni is convinced that a better understanding of the fundraising profession is needed… People generally know what an accountant or bookkeeper does. By virtue of television, people think they know what a lawyer or forensic scientist does. But when it comes […]

Oxfam – Did We Kill Babies?

Dearly beloved, please sit still and stop that knee jerking for a minute whilst I tell you a tale of saints becoming sinners and sinners so sure they are saints, though who is who you will need to decide for yourself. Doesn’t your dear heart just reach out to Mark Goldring, Oxfam’s CEO, as he […]

Three Reasons Why You Should Call in a Fundraising Consultant

When I first started as Fundraising Director at the British Section of Amnesty International UK, I found an excellent report sitting in my in-tray from a fundraising consultant. It contained a detailed analysis of the current fundraising programme and the possible income streams still unfulfilled. Yes, this was a hard-copy print out way before such […]

The Presidents Club: Going…Going…Gone!

And good riddance to an awful event. Surprisingly, the income from this annual embarrassment had rocketed up in recent years from £541k in 2012, to an astonishing £2m in 2017, and the event hadn’t lost any of its attraction to very wealthy men, influential men and male celebrities, despite Harvey Goldsmith resigning from the charity […]