2017…A Year in the Life of IFC

It has been a busy year for IFC, and as it draws to a close we take a look back at some of our highlights… 2017 saw three new offices join the IFC family. We are delighted to welcome Jim De in India, Maya Gabitova in Kyrgyzstan and Sam Kayongo in Tanzania as new Country […]

Poverty Porn and the Fake News Furore

There is so much wrong with Poverty Porn as a heading, it is hard to know where to start dismantling it. Only the sloppiest or most crass of sub-editors would have likened Comic Relief’s fundraising to pornography. Yes, it is a neat piece of alliteration and will get people reading the piece, but the whole […]

Criticisms of relationship fundraising (and why they are wrong)

At 13.00 UK today, I’m going to be interviewed on Facebook Live by Ravinol Chambers of Be Inspired Films. This is the third edition of the Institute of Fundraising’s #FRED talks and I’ll be talking about why relationship fundraising is more important than ever. Do tune in and ask any questions you might have! To whet your appetite, here is a short edited extract from Donors for Life: A practitioner’s guide to relationship fundraising, that looks at some of the major criticisms of relationship fundraising. Three major criticisms of relationship fundraising – and why they’re wrong… Not everyone wants a…

Was I Right About Fundraising Trends In 2017? Or Was I Right?

At the start of 2017 I looked forward at fundraising’s possible direction of travel for the year. At the time we were suffering from the hammer blows of critical press attention and government directed regulation that threatened to become a stranglehold on charities ability to fund their work and to meet increasing needs in an […]

IFC Tanzania: Developing In-Country Fundraising Opportunities

Tanzania joined the global team of fundraisers at the International Fundraising Consultancy in June 2017. The past period has been devoted to learning how other IFC Directors in the different countries manage the daunting task of supporting non-profits so that we utilise these experiences to improve the work in Tanzania. Talking to John Baguley, the […]

Fundraising Reading Round-Up – November 2017

Well, after a nearly a year off blogging I thought it was time to get back to it! 2017 has been an amazing year and the lack of blogging has been due to two reasons. Most excitedly, September saw the publication of my first fundraising book, Donors for Life – A Practitioner’s Guide to Relationship Fundraising. Co-authored with Paul Stein and with a foreword from Ken Burnett, it aims to give fundraisers ideas, tip and practical advice on how to implement relationship fundraising and improve the supporter experience. It has had rave reviews from the likes of Roger Craver at…


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Putting the International into IFC

2017 has been an exciting year for IFC with the establishment of offices in Tanzania and India. With Jim De, IFC India Director and Sam Kayongo, IFC Tanzania Director joining the family, the IFC now has fundraising experts on the ground to help NGOs, social organisations and government agencies in 12 countries around the globe. These new […]

Changing The World…One Client at a Time

Group IFC now has offices in 12 countries around the globe, providing fundraising support to help not-for-profit organisations make an even bigger difference. Our aim is to help change the world, one client at a time. We are looking to expand our reach even further, providing in-country expertise. As such, IFC is looking to appoint […]

IFC Peru Holds Workshop on Converting Followers to Donors

Last week in Lima, Peru, IFC held a workshop on How to convert followers into monthly donors. Run by IFC Associate, Andrea Mejia, the workshop aimed to bring together not-for-profit organisations in Peru to explore the issue of increasing donors and provide a networking opportunity. The aim of the workshop was to begin to build a community […]

Retailers’ Christmas Ads Raise Money for Charities

The battle for the best Christmas advert started last week, with major retailers launching their televised festive features. It’s a battle that has increased in creativity and cost year on year, and this year is no different. What’s even better is more charities than ever are benefiting from being a charity partner. Here’s our run […]

November’s First Friday: Milan

Calling fundraisers in Milan…are you interested in developing a fundraising strategy so that your organisation can raise funds internationally? If so, then IFC Italy’s next free First Friday fundraising advice session is for you! Karina Sandoval, director of IFC Perù and expert in international fundraising will be joining IFC Italy’s director, Francesca Mineo on 3 […]

Engaging Your Board in Your Fundraising Events

Most organizations run fundraising events. They vary in size, style, and purpose, but are plentiful across the non-profit industry. Whatever the reason for your own fundraising events, having your board involved can make such a difference to its succes…

5 Ways to Engage and Involve Your Donors

Every donor is different, and therefore they all have different expectations in terms of what they would appreciate most from you. Here are some helpful tips on keeping your donors actively involved and engaged!
The post 5 Ways to Engage and Involve Yo…

Building a Dynamic Case for Support

Through this epic post, I will talk about the process of writing a case for support that grabs your donor’s heart, compelling them to believe that they simply must support you and that you are the answer to their philanthropic goals.
The post Building …