Wikifund is THE website for fundraisers by fundraisers. It is created and maintained by the International Fundraising Consultancy (http://groupifc.com/)

The IFCs Mission for Wikifund is to supply and maintain a website platform for fundraisers and everything to do with fundraising and Social Entrepreneurship funding. Wikifund provides all of the latest up to date news, information, education, courses, presentations, jobs, events and blogs from the leading lights in the industry. Wikifund aims is to be an online meeting place for all fundraisers internationally.

The IFC’s vision for Wikifund is to have one source of all of the information any fundraiser would need in one place. The goal of this is so that fundraisers internationally can easily gain knowledge and expertise by sourcing it on the Wikifund site. With education gained from the site, fundraisers and Social Entrepreneurs will have the knowledge and insight to be able to do their jobs even better. The profession as a whole will be lifted to the next level and in-turn more money will be generated and raised for the causes the fundraisers are connected to.

We aim to empower fundraisers all over the world by giving easy access to best practice information